Medical Marijuana in Ohio:

Medical Marijuana in Ohio:


On September 6, 2016, medical marijuana will become legal in the State of Ohio. The Northwest Ohio Great Lakes Construction Alliance (NWOGLCA) would like to clarify that even though it will be legal in Ohio to use medical marijuana, it will not be acceptable when testing for their substance abuse program. If you test and you are positive under the panel that identifies marijuana and have a legitimate prescription for medical marijuana, you will still be considered non-current.

This will result in a suspension until you go through the process to become current again. This is expressly allowed in the new law and a legal overview is attached. The NWOGLCA is releasing this notice so no participant believes it is acceptable to use medical marijuana while they are working under requirements to be current with the NWOGLCA Substance Abuse Policy.

We strongly encourage communication to employees who need to be current under the policy. The NWOGLCA does not want to see employees caught up in a miscommunication. Again, if you use medical marijuana or marijuana of any type, it is a violation of the substance abuse policy which will lead to a non-current status with a suspension.


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