Frequently asked questions:
  1. What is an apprentice?  a person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer/ Journeyman, having agreed to work for a fixed period at lower wages.
  2. What is an Ironworker?  Read more here.
  3. How much will I be paid as an apprentice?  All apprentices start out making $21.45/hr this is 65% of Journeymen scale which is $33.00/hr.  2nd yr/period -70%; 3rd yr/period – 80%; 4th yr/period – 90%  Included in this pay is $27.53 / hr. paid into fringe benefits (medical & retirement)
  4. How do I advance through the apprenticeship? All advancements through the apprenticeship program are based on class hours and work hours.  The program is divided into 4 periods.  Currently it requires 5600 work hours and 865 class hours to reach journeyman status.  Which mean 1400 work hours and 216 class hours per year. Once you have reached the number of class hours and work hours for that period you will advance to the next year.  Disclaimer:  Some may advance through the program quicker than others.  Work ethic plays a big part in who the employer chooses to stay working and who does not.
  5. How much school work is there?  Currently as stated above all apprentices are required to have 865 hours of related instruction.  This related instruction is given through online course work as well as labs that are done through out the year.  Depending on what year of instruction you are in you are required to come to class 4 to 5 weeks out of the year as well as pass all online course work.
  6. Will I need to know how to use a computer?   Although computer skills will help, it is not a must in order to do your online course work.
  7. How much is tuition?  Tuition is only $400.00/year.  This amount only off sets some of the cost required to train you as a journeyman.  The remaining funds come from journeyman working in the field.  So be sure to thank them.
  8. Do I get any college credit for attending the apprenticeship?  We currently have an articulation agreement with Northwest State Community College.  What this means is that on completion of your apprenticeship you will have 33 college credits that will transfer to be used toward a degree in construction management if you choose.
  9. How much will I make as an Ironworker?  Currently a journeyman Ironworker makes $33.00/hr.  How many hours you work has a lot to do with your work ethic.  We have an open referral system.  Which means if you are a good worker and an employer wants you to work for them there are no barriers keeping you from working for those employers.
  10. How do I sign up for the apprenticeship?  We are currently accepting applications for our next apprenticeship class.  Must fill out the application in person (1078 Atlantic Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43609.) Must have a Valid drivers license.  $10.00 (cash only) application fee. and a copy of your high school diploma, transcripts or GED.  Must also be able to pass a drug screen.
  11. Will I have to take an aptitude test?  There are two tests that are given to determine who will be brought into the program.  First test is a differential aptitude test ($30).  This test Measures— numerical reasoning, abstract reasoning,  mechanical reasoning, and space relations.   Physical Attributes test determines if there are any limitations to your ability to perform the functions of an Ironworker. This test will have you set up a ladder, Climb the ladder and walk across a beam that is 25 feet in the air, walk a rebar mat that is tied on the ground and carry a bundle of rebar with a partner.
  12. When are you taking another apprenticeship class?  Due to the uncertainty of construction and current apprentice drop outs, there is no way to schedule when we take in apprentices into the program.  When the committee deems it necessary to bring in a class we will pull the number of apprentices from the ranking list the committee feels will meet the needs of construction demand.
  13. What are my advancement opportunities?  Although the apprenticeship trains you to be a journeyman, there are numerous employment avenues to pursue.   On the employer side there is Safety Personnel, Foreman, General Foreman, Superintendent, or owner of your own company.  On the Union Side there is Instructor, Apprenticeship Coordinator, Business Agent, Business Manager or International Representative.  Your drive will determine your career path.
  14. What is the current construction outlook look like?  We are currently in a construction boom that is looking to continue through the next few years.
  15. How soon can I go to work?  As soon as you are accepted, taken the required safety courses, and passed the required drug test you will be eligible to go to work. Apprentices  seeking employment will be dispatched from the apprenticeship school where they should attend instructional training during dispatch hours from 8 am till 10 am.

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