Online Class Login This will take you to the Online Class Login screen.

Welders Certification – Use this to lookup your welding certification

International Ironworkers Flickr Page.  – Check out these great pictures.

OSHA  – Great resource for safety and health

Northwest Ohio Administrators – Benefits Office

Must Safety Modules – MUST online safety training. (username is ss# and password is first 4 of ss#)

ODOT  To check welding continuity reports; Click, CONTRACTOR REPORTS then WELDERS at the bottom of page.  Enter welders last name then click submit (may need to hold CTRL button while submitting).

ODOT continuity log Use this log to maintain continuity with ODOT if your test date was prior to January 1st 2014.

NWO safety training – MCA safety database

Ironworkers International    – Ironworkers International Website






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