The Ironworkers Union is a member of EPRI.  This partnership has given us standardized tests to evaluate workers qualifications. Riggers who successfully complete the EPRI Standardized Task Evaluation (STE) for Industrial Rigging are accepted by EPRI as qualified to perform industrial rigging for plants and employers requiring this standardized task evaluatio

EPRI Course

The Ironworkers apprenticeship has devised a four day refresher course for the experienced rigger.  This class is not a basic rigging course and is reserved for experienced riggers only.  This class is scheduled from February 22nd thru February 25th, 2016 @8am at LOCAL 55 TRAINING CENTER.

EPRI Rigging Course pre-requisites

·      80 hours minimum training in Rigging and Cranes

·      1000 hours minimum rigging field experience

·      Must score higher than 70% on pre-test.

EPRI Industrial Rigging Exam


At the end of the EPRI course you will be required to score satisfactory of 80% on an EPRI computerized written exam and score satisfactory on an EPRI practical exam (STE).

The exam will follow the prep course on February 25th for the written exam and February 26th STE practical.

EPRI Industrial Rigging course pretest will be available at the Ironworkers Local 55 Training Center from 8am till 3pm Monday thru Friday.

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